These 5 Tips Will Help You Maximize Your Insurance Settlement Without Fail. You’ll Be Pleasantly Surprised!

These 5 Tips Will Help You Maximize Your Insurance Settlement Without Fail. You’ll Be Pleasantly Surprised!

You purchased insurance coverage. You did the responsible, proactive thing, and you are sure your losses will be covered. Do you want to maximize your insurance settlement? Probably yes. Generally speaking, compensation from your insurance company is entitled to you when your property is damaged. However, agreeing on that settlement can be a tedious process littered with negotiations and investigations.

An insurance adjuster’s job is to pay you as little as possible. At the end of the day, even though they are servicing you, they are still working for the insurance company after all. They are a business and their ultimate goal is to get you to settle for the minimum.

How to Maximize Your Insurance Settlement?

How can you ensure you get the maximum settlement from your insurance company? The settlement you deserve and paid for? Read below to find out.

  1. Hire a public adjuster
    First and foremost, to maximize your insurance settlement is to hire a public adjuster. Public adjusters are 3rd party experts who will help enforce your case and ensure that your insurance company takes the claim seriously.
    Your public adjuster will be able to gather more evidence to present to your insurance company in regard to your property damage, enforcing your case for a higher settlement. Make sure you always keep detailed records of your financial costs, amongst other evidence that could demonstrate a decrease in quality of life.
  2. Keep receipts safe
    Settlement compensation depends on receipts and proof. Your public adjuster can help you organize, document, and present these receipts in order to go the most efficient route for compensation.
  3. Never accept the first offer
    Negotiations are based on back-and-forth debates between two parties. Settlements are based on negotiations, so taking the first offer should not be an option. The highest offer will never come first. Keep an amount in mind and refuse to accept less.
  4. Always ask for an offer justification
    With the goal of paying out as little as possible, companies will try to give you the lowest possible offer. A good way to increase your offer is to ask for justification for every part of their current offer. You can use a rebuttal and explain why you deserve more than they are currently suggesting, especially if their justifications are weak.
  5. Make sure to confirm the offer in writing
    When you and the public adjuster have come to an agreement to accept the offer from the insurance company, make sure to finalize the details and acceptance in writing. This way, there will be no false claims in the future, and your money will be guaranteed.The bottom line is if you’ve sustained property damage, you deserve compensation from the insurance policy you paid for. Know what you rightfully deserve and refuse to accept less.