How To Prevent a Broken Boiler Leak In One Easy Step

Repair of washing machines or broken boilers. Hand of a repairman with a turbulent electric heater covered with a coating of hard water. Replacing the electric heater in the washing machine.

Boiler leakage is a very common problem in many households and people tend to ignore it; However, it is very important to fix the leaking boiler as it can cause a lot of problems later, as well as damage your property.

There could be many causes of broken boiler leaks, and you need to understand the reason for your boiler leakage. Once you know the exact cause, it is quite simple to fix the leakage.  

Causes Of Boiler leakage

Corroded Pipework – Pipes that are attached underneath the boiler are often the main reason for the leakage. The most common issue causing the leakage is corrosion. The metallic debris that is attached to the system when combined with water makes the copper piping corrode, leading to gaps through which the water begins leaking.

Too Much Pressure – When too much water gets filled inside the boiler, it tends to break down, and the pressure release valve (PRV) discharges the excess water, causing leakage. The aggregate pressure for system boilers is said to be 1 bar, and if it is above the green bar, it indicates pressure.

Leaky Heat Exchanger – The most expensive element inside a boiler is the heat exchanger, and unfortunately, it tends to crack or break quite often. This happens mostly in the case of cheap quality boilers. This problem can only be identified by a professional gas engineer, and changing the heat exchanger is also quite expensive. However, it is advised to purchase a new boiler in such a case.

Leakage from Internal Parts – When the pressure is too high in the internal parts of the boiler, the seals fail, and the joints start decaying, due to which the water starts leaking out at a rapid rate.

A broken boiler leak is quite a troublesome situation and can have very destructive consequences. The water leakage (if not fixed for a long time) can cause property damage to your house and your neighbors, so it is very important to resolve the issue instead of ignoring it.

Prevent a Broken Boiler Leak in One Easy Step

The main indication to understanding the broken boiler leak is when it starts making noises like gurgling, banging, or whistling. Sometimes, acidic water inside the condensation pipe freezes, which blocks the main route. In such a situation, you can pour some warm water (not boiling water) to disperse the blockage.

These are the steps to preventing damage from a broken boiler leak-

● The very first step is to turn off the internal stop tap to stop the main water supply.

● While the broken boiler leak is being repaired, the central heating system should also be switched off.

● The water which is already inside the boiler should be completely drained so that no more water leakage happens.

● A lot of times, it is observed that the puddle under the boiler is filled with too much water, so to make things easier for repairing, it is advised to mop the water from the puddle..

● Once you are done doing all of this, call the plumber and wait for them to arrive. They will assess and examine the main cause of the leakage and fix the issue.

A broken boiler leak can, at times, become very dangerous, and hence dealing with the problem alone can be quite risky. Calling a trained professional to solve the issue is the best possible alternative. While the plumber does their job, you can check your insurance policies to recover the damage caused by the broken boiler.